Kurushi No Kube – Alpha Download

Kurushi No Kube is a fan made remake of the PS1 classic Kurushi (also known as I.Q.: Intelligent Qube), which sees you trying to make your way through levels full of giant rolling cubes without getting crushed.

Much like in the original Kurushi, in Kurushi No Kube you control a little character that’s in real danger of being squashed by rows of giant cubes that roll towards him. You do have the ability to drop markers though which make the white cubes disappear when they roll over them though, allowing you to carve out a path to the end of each level. There are no green cubes at the moment and there are only a handful of levels, but Kurushi No Kube does deliver an interesting twist on the classic gameplay in its final level, with you having to deal with cubes rolling in both directions.

It takes a little getting used to and there are some rough edges, but it’s an addictive game that does a great job of recreating the original game’s gameplay and introducing some fun new ideas of its own. Also, those big blocks have never looked so menacing!

Note: You may get a black screen for a long time during start-up. The game hasn’t crashed, it’s still loading.

Download The Alpha Here (Windows)