Kusan: City of Wolves – Open Beta

Kusan: City of Wolves is a very fast paced and brutal Hotline Miami inspired top-down shooter where you attempt to rescue a girl who can destroy a whole city.

In Kusan: City of Wolves you are a veteran with a prosthetic arm who now works as a “Fixer” in the city of Kusan. Your latest assignment sees you being sent to rescue a girl who has been experimented on in a shady secret facility. It seems she’s capable of causing an EMP-esque explosion that could destroy a whole city. You need to rescue the girl and keep her power out of the wrong hands.

The gameplay in Kusan: City of Wolves is similar to Hotline Miami, with fast paced one-hit-kill combat set in enemy-filled buildings. Kusan has much more destruction though, is faster and gives you more combat options. This means it’s slightly easier than Hotline, but it’s still pretty challenging and you can pull off some glorious symphonies of violence as you punch, shoot and stab your way through the levels. The Beta is live now so jump in for some excellent top-down brutality.

Check Out a Kusan: City of Wolves Gameplay Video Here

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