L.U.X. in the Temple of Shadows – Student Project Game

L.U.X. (Little Universe Explorer) in the Temple of Shadows is an atmospheric action adventure game that sees you using light to fend off shadowy creatures whilst finding the parts to fix up your crash landed spacecraft.

In L.U.X. in the Temple of Shadows you take control of a little robot who crash-lands their ship inside a mysterious temple, filled with creepy shadowy creatures. Your ship needs three fuel cells to have enough power to take off again, but unfortunately they’re scattered around the temple.

As you explore the temple the shadowy creatures will try to attack you, but you do have a handy light and throwable flares to fend them off with. You can equip three different types of flares, each with a different radius of effect, but the larger the radius the longer the cooldown is until you can throw another one. It you do get attacked you can regenerate your health by standing in a sunbeam, but the sunbeam’s are few and far between.

L.U.X. in the Temple of Shadows takes around 15 minutes to playthrough and really impresses with it’s high quality audio/visual design and great sense of atmosphere. Initially it seems like getting your fuel cells is going to be a walk in the park but there are some pretty tense moments when the shadowy monsters start to attack in numbers and even ambush you! A fun little adventure well worth shining a light on.

Download L.U.X. in the Temple of Shadows Here (Windows)