La Rana – Student Project Game

La Rana is a beautiful chilled out third person puzzle platforming adventure where you help a little guardian frog solve puzzles to restore an ancient temple and bring rain back to the world.

In La Rana you control a small frog spirit who awakens in the Temple of Rana, a once powerful, but now neglected and ruined temple which used to bring rain and prosperity to the world. Your little frog spirit is the temple’s last guardian and must travel through the ruins of the temple, using the water he can hold in his mouth to activate mechanisms, revive his fellow frog spirits and unlock doors. As you progress you’ll learn more of the lore of the temple and make your way to the source of the corruption that’s tainting it.

Taking around 20 minutes to play through, none of the puzzles or platforming in La Rana are particularly challenging, but it’s a delightful little adventure nonetheless. The visuals are beautiful, the narrative is interesting, your little guardian frog is very cute and the whole game has a wonderfully relaxed and meditative atmosphere. A charming and chilled out little froggy adventure well worth hopping on.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download La Rana Here (Steam)