Laika 2.0 – Alpha Demo

Laika 20 game

Laika 2.0 is a fun new puzzle platforming adventure in which you control a biologically enhanced chimpanzee who carries out special assignments for the KGB in a fictitious Cold War era inspired world.

Laika 2.0 is the second phase of the Russian’s Laika project. The first phase of managed to send Laika the dog into space, but the second phase is even more ambitious. Lanka 2.0 is a biologically enhanced chimpanzee who is not only capable of great feats of agility and intelligence, but can also use psychokinetic powers – which will come in handy during your covert missions for the KGB. Your missions not only require precision platforming skills, but also involve solving tricky puzzles and using stealth to avoid detection.

It’s still early in development, but the puzzle platforming gameplay afforded by your agile little chimps skills makes for a unique and cerebral experience, and the stylish pixel art visuals and Cold War setting really help to build a sense of urgency and danger. A clever, challenging and stylish cold war chimp adventure well worth checking out.

Note: The section with the three lazers pointing vertically down near the end of the first level can be a little tricky but it is possible. Just drop into the pit, climb up it a little, then jump out and swing back in to get a hold of the ledge.

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Download The Laika 2.0 Alpha Demo Here (Win, Mac & Linux)