Lake of Creatures – Beta Demo

Lake of Creatures is a fishing twin-stick shooter roguelite where you battle mutated monsters that have invaded your local lakes.

In Lake of Creatures you are one of the local fishermen who have been enlisted to fight back against the mutant aquatic life that’s invaded the town’s lakes. You’ll make your way through randomly generated lakes full of fish, hidden loot and monsters. You can blast the monsters with your gun, and if you see any fish in the water you can hop in your line and try to snag one.

The earnings you get from your caught fish (and any other cash you find) can then be used to purchase items from shops. As you progress you’ll unlock new characters, features and treasures by completing quarks and defeating big bosses.

It’s a very pleasant and almost chilled-out take on the roguelite shooter genre, which allows you to explore the lakes at your own pace and enjoy a little fishing. The pixel art visuals are packed full of character and there’s lots of cool stuff to discover on the lakes. Highly recommended.

Download The Lake of Creatures Beta Demo Here (Steam)