Lamentum – Alpha Demo

Lamentum is a 19th century Lovecraftian pixel art survival horror game where you enter a mansion full of dark secrets and grotesque abominations, with hopes of finding a cure for your dying wife.

Drawing inspiration from Resident Evil, Silent Hill and the Cthulhu mythos, Lamentum follows the story of a young 19th century aristocrat who is desperate to find a cure for his dying wife. A mysterious earl has reached out to you with a promise that he will be able to cure her, so you and your wife travel to his stately mansion to see if his offer has merit.

However, it’s not long before your wife goes missing and the mansion is transformed into a nightmarish alternate version full of eldritch abominations with a thirst for blood. You’ll need to explore the mansion, solve puzzles, evade/fight the monsters, find your wife and hopefully escape in one piece.

We previously featured Lamentum on Alpha Beta Gamer a year ago while it was on Kickstarter. This latest build is shorter than the Kickstarter one, but it is a lot more polished and takes around an hour to play through. There’s a lot to discover within the mansion and there’s a nice mixture of puzzles, monsters and narrative.

There’s not much combat at the moment (because you don’t unlock the gun until later on), but there’s plenty of monster evading and some good old fashioned Resident Evil style inventory management. It’s a very promising game, with high quality pixel art, classic survival horror gameplay and an intriguing story. Highly recommended.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Lamentum Alpha Demo Here (Steam)