Lamentum – Kickstarter Demo

Lamentum is a creepy Lovecraftian pixel art survival horror adventure that sees an 18th century aristocrat descending into madness as he attempts to find the cure to a rare disease.

Drawing inspiration from Lovecraftian lore, Alone in the Dark, Silent Hill and Resident Evil, Lamentum sees you searching an 18th century mansion with the hope of figuring out how to perform a long forgotten ritual that may cure a loved one. However, the more you explore the mansion, the more you descend into madness and there are many monsters, traps and puzzles standing between you and that cure.

The Kickstarter build of Lamentum features a sizeable chink of gameplay, taking around 30 minutes to complete and containing three unique endings to find as you attempt to free your beloved from a cell in the depths of the mansion. The full game will feature a variety of different weapons and combat, but the demo is more focused on puzzles – some of which can mean the difference between life and death.

Even in these early stages of development Lamentum is an excellent game with high quality pixel artwork, a fascinating mansion to explore, a great sense of atmosphere and some very freaky moments. You’d be mad to miss out on this descent into Lovecraftian madness.

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