Langley – Game Jam Build


Langley, a short point and click made for the WAG challenge, is a touching and troubling game about a man captured for “the good of the United States.”

Its just an average day at work for Edward. There is a war going on, but it feels like a war has always gone on. There is some happiness in the day, it is your daughter’s sixteenth birthday. You call home from work to see what she would like as a gift. Your wife Laura, who’s family is from Jerusalem, says she needs to talk to you tonight. You get a bit worried, but she reassures you it can wait.

You go home, but that is when things change. The United States government captures your family and forces you in a separate cell. There, you are a tortured for information about your wife. What do you really know about your wife? What are you going to do in the cell?  And what will be the fate of Edward, captured and held captive for the “greater good”?

Download Langley HERE or Play In a Browser HERE (Takes a little while to load)