Lantern Bearer – Game Jam Build Download

Lantern Bearer

Lantern Bearer, a challenging, well polished game made for the My First Game Jam, is a Meat Boy-esque platformer in which you play a cute little bear attempting to escape a deep well.

This charming little game, inspired by 1001 Spikes and Super Meat Boy starts with two bears who sitting on a well, when all of a sudden, a snake popped out of the ground, surprising the two bears, and making one of them fall down the well. You are the bear that is now trapped inside the well. This well is much bigger than anyone would have guessed and you must find your way back to the surface.

With your lantern to light the way, you must avoid sparkling spikes, fire breathing gargoyles and even lava. Lots of different hazards also light up the underground, along with mushrooms and lanterns that dot around some of the levels. You must run, jump and wall jump your way to the exit. It’s a fun and challenging game – you’ll have to perfect your platforming skills if you ever want to escape this deep dark well.

Download Lantern Bearer Here (Win Only)