Lantern – Game Jam Build Download

Lantern, a beautiful light-based puzzle game made for the Epic MegaJam, sees you guiding colorful bugs around forests, activating lights and lighting up flowers!

In Lantern you control groups of differently colored glowing firefly-esque bugs. They start off floating under lit lanterns and you have to guide them through the level to the goal, but if they hang out in the darkness for too long they will disappear.

Some of the bugs will need to be sacrificed to light up unlit lanterns. Once a group of bugs reaches a dark lantern, they will light it up with that specific color. This light will be able to refresh the life of the same colored bugs, unless it is white, in which case it can light up all of the different colored bugs. Each flower at the end of the level needs specific amounts of different colored bugs for the level to be complete, so you will need to make sure you guide the correct bugs to their destination.

Lantern makes for a beautiful yet challenging puzzle game with inventive puzzles and a wonderfully serene environment. It’s a delight spreading light through the darkness in this cleverly crafted and chilled out little puzzler.

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Download Lantern Here (Windows)