Larger Than Light – Alpha Download

Larger Than Light is an inventive dual-character 2.5D puzzle platforming adventure where you simultaneously control a human lightbulb who can cast shadows and a girl who can turn herself into a shadow.

In Larger Than Light you follow the adventure of an unlikely pair of teenage siblings – a girl called Skia who can turn herself into a shadow and a boy with a lightbulb for a head called Lux. Over the course of the game the pair will have to work together as they overcome their sibling rivalry and investigate a disturbance in their school.

In the game you control both characters simultaneously, with an aim of guiding Skia through each area. Lux stays in the foreground and you can move him to cast shadows on the background for Skia to use as platforms.

It’s still in development so Larger Than Light does feel a little rough around the edges and some of Skia’s movement feels a little janky, but it’s a clever concept that has a lot of potential. The environment is well designed and the story of shadow girl Skia and her estranged lightbulb-headed brother is very touching. An inventive shadow manipulating puzzle platformer well worth shining a light on.

Download The Larger Than Light Alpha Here (Windows & Mac)