Larme – Prototype Download

Larme is a well crafted 2D Sci-Fi puzzle platforming adventure set in a beautifully painted biomechanical world, in which you use special goggles that allow you to see into another time.

In Larme you take control of Ramiel, a child who goes searching in his missing parents footsteps through a beautiful painted biomechanical world. Ramiel’s parents were scientists who had created special goggles that allow you to see and manifest structures from a different time – which really come in handy when you’re looking for platforms to help you traverse dangerous hazards.

Using these special goggles and your trusty slingshot, you make your way through the beautiful biomechanical game world, discovering strange mechanisms and collecting mysterious glowing orbs. The goggles are handy, but each time you use them you’ll manifest some enemies too – they’re not too hard to dispatch in the current build, but no doubt there will be tougher enemies in the future.

Other than the occasional missing sound fx, the prototype build of Larme is already a very polished experience. It combines beautiful hand drawn artwork, inventive level design, an intriguing game world and challenging gameplay to create a very impressive puzzle platformer that’s well worth checking out. Grab those goggles and lets go!

Note: You can hold the fire button to charge up a shot (comes in handy for the eyes)

Follow The Development of Larme Here

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Larme Prototype Here (Windows)