Lasagna Boy – Alpha Demo

Lasagna Boy is a creepy Game Boy styled horror action platforming adventure where a lasagna delivery boy attempts to evade monstrous beasts, save a girl and escape a creepy castle in one piece.

Oddly enough Lasagna Boy is a sequel/spiritual successor to Lasagna Boy (now dubbed Lasagna Boy Classic), which saw you attempting to escape from a house full of a mad scientist’s mutant beasts (including a mutated version of Garfield, dubbed “Gorefield”). The new Lasagna Boy game ditches Gorefield, shifts the gameplay to an eerie old castle, upgrades the visuals significantly, introduces platforming elements and has an entirely new story (though there’s a good chance the castle belongs to a mad scientist again!)

The current build of Lasagna Boy takes around 30 minutes to play through and features a nice mixture of classic Lasagna Boy monster evading stealth, platforming, puzzle solving and a special bonus at the end that we won’t spoil here. The pixel art animation is fantastic, with the characters having very expressive faces, the monsters looking grotesque and horrifying and the backgrounds full of nice little details. The spiral staircase sections also look very cool as they revolve around, but they could do with being a little bit shorter as you do have to go up and down them quite a lot.

The original Lasagna Boy was a lot of fun (if a little frustrating at times), but the new Lasagna Boy game feels like an upgrade in every single way. The gameplay is more varied, there’s less backtracking, it looks better, the story is more interesting and the monsters are bigger and freakier. A lasagne delivery well worth taking.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Lasagna Boy Alpha Demo Here (Windows)