Laser League – Steam Beta Key Giveaway

Laser League is a futuristic full contact sport from the developers of OlliOlli and NOT A HERO, that combines TRON-style neon infused visuals and fast paced multiplayer action as players battle for control of light beams that can eviscerate their opponents in an instant.

We first featured Laser League back in June, during the closed Beta sign up and were very impressed with it’s stylish neon visuals and high velocity multiplayer arena battles. It’s played in intense 4v4 matches that see teams attempting to control the nodes that bathe the arena in deadly beams of light. It features over 60 characters who belong to six unique classes (Smash, Thief, Ghost, Snipe, Shock and Blade), over 250 unlockable character customizations, 16 unique power-ups, 10 laser maps and 3 international arenas. The high octane gameplay is easy to play, but it’s deceptively complex and rewards skill, strategy and teamwork.

It’s a fast and fun game really impresses with is high adrenaline take on futuristic arena sports. We have 5000 Laser League Steam Beta Keys to Giveaway! To claim your Key, simply complete any 2 actions in the widget below and your key will appear in the widget instantly! The Beta Begins at 14:00 UTC and runs until Sunday at 02:00 UTC.

You can Check Out Laser League On Steam Here

Laser League Steam Beta Key Giveaway!