Laser Lizard – Game jam Build Download

Laser Lizard is a fun little side-scrolling wreck ‘em up where you control a Godzilla-esque kaiju with an uncontrollable urge to destroy.

Created for the Finally Finish Something 2022 jam, Laser Lizard is a simple, silly and fun side-scrolling action game about a kaiju with anger issues. The kaiju has been trying to control its urge to kill, crush and destroy, but upon visiting their therapist, they’re told that what they really need to do is let it all out. This is great news for the kaiju, though perhaps slightly less great news for the city that’s about to feel its wrath!

In the game you take control of the titular Laser Lizard and you stomp through the city leaving a trail of devastation and crushed bodies in your wake. You have a slash attack (for attacking buildings), a ground smash attack and a directable attack that fires a laser beam out of your mouth. You need to keep destroying things to keep your rage-meter up and if you max it out then you unlock a temporary Shin Mode, which increases your attack power (and looks very cool).

It is quite an easy game as you’re massively overpowered, but that’s part of the fun of living out your kaiju power fantasy (and there is a hard mode that unlocks after your first playthrough). Squashing puny humans, smashing buildings and blasting choppers out of the sky never gets old, maybe that’s why Godzilla is always doing it!

Download or Play Laser Lizard Here (Windows & Browser)