Last Ark – GameJam Build

last ark

Last Ark is an interesting roguelike space adventure that sees you controlling a symbiote who’s piloting a craft containing all that remains of the human race, as you search the Universe for a planet that can support life.

As you explore the Universe you’ll have to make some pretty tough decisions in order to manage your energy, health and resource levels.  As you search for a suitable home, you’ll need to gather Oxygen and resources from planets ans use solar power to charge your batteries.  Resources are used to upgrade the ship and keep your symbiote alive – but if you’re in a pinch, you can sacrifice a human (which will also stop your O2 levels dropping so fast).

There’s a constant balancing act in Last Ark as you race to find a suitable home planet.  When you find a planet to land on and set down the game is over – so choose wisely.  It has 5 different endings depending on how many humans are left alive, and you’ll have to be a very good captain (or very lucky) to save them all.

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Play Lost Ark in a Unity Supported Browser HERE