Last Breath – Game Jam Build Download

last breath game

Last Breath, a charming pixel art platformer made for the Comet Jam, in which you’ll have to kill yourself if you want to progress.

You are a necromancer who attempted to revive a chicken. Something went wrong and now you are stuck between life and death, along with your little chicken friend. In this limbo, you are not alone. Other ghosts who did not have the luxury of keeping their human body also are stuck. They provide information as well as company to you. They are very interested in new people, especially people that can escape this place.

Spikes, moving platforms, tricky wall jumps all stand in your way and many cannot be traversed without failing on them first. Checkpoints holding ‘breaths’ dot around the game. These breath machines give you breaths to use, these breaths can be used to create small platforms where you die -aiding your next attempt. You’ll need to plan the use of these breaths well as the closer to life you get, the harder the traps around you become. Will you (and your chicken) be able to make it out of limbo?

Download Last Breath Here (Win Only)