Last Car Standing – Prototype Download

Last Car Standing is a fun physics based demolition derby game in which you and up to 15 AI controlled cars compete to be the last one running in high stakes racing where a slight nudge can cause masses of devastation.

Unlike most demolition games (or racing games in general) the cars in Last Car Standing are very delicate and the slightest of collisions can have a dramatic effect on your car. The goal is to be the last car driving, but the real joy lies in causing crashes and watching the devastation unfold. Cars flip in the air and debris goes flying with the slightest of collisions, often causing massive pile-ups as cars career uncontrollably across the track.

Last Car Standing is still very much a prototype, so there’s not much in the way of gameplay other than driving around and instigating spectacular collisions, but it shows a lot of promise. Even in these early stages of development there’s a real skill in gently nudging another car to cause a massive pile-up without getting caught in it yourself. A great foundation for a demolition racing game where it only takes a little tap to cause massive carnage!

Download The Last Car Standing Prototype Here (Windows & Mac)