Last Case – Game Jam Build Download

Last Case

Last Case, a gorgeous isometric narration based point and click made for the Adventure Jam, sees you playing a private investigator on the hunt for a missing girl.

Amanda Kane, a wealthy family’s daughter, has run away. Jack Forester, being a private eye who is always in need of some money, has taken the case! With little information to go on, Jack begins his short adventure to find this girl. This game is very narration driven, giving off small details about Jack and about the missing girl. You must interact with the environment to bring up slideshow styled scenes of what is going on. These transitions paired with voxel graphics and amazingly fitting music, gives off a mysterious and some what dark vibe.

It is a fairly short experience, which we’d love to see expanded on – perhaps after the dev completes work on the (also excellent) Max Greene.  But even during it’s brief playtime, Last Case will definitely keep you immersed with it’s beautifully crafted isometric visuals and great narration.

Download Last Case HERE (Win Only)