Last Day of the Woods – Game Jam Build Download

Last Day of the Wood Game Download

Last Day of the Woods, a charming puzzle platformer made for the Ludum Dare 38, has you exploring a magical forest, using magical orbs and searching for a tiny forest God.

You are a cute little mushroom creature who lives on the outskirts of the woods. Your world is dying because of evil human spirits, but there is hope. The Small God lives in the middle of the forest and may be able to set things right. None of the other mushroom spirits want to disturb their god, so it is up to you to adventure into the forest and seek help.

As you make your way through the forest, you will be presented with all of the magical things that go along with being a spirit in this world. There are stone statues that save your progress and orbs that help you solve puzzles. When collected the orbs hover around you until you use them then are discarded, with each different color of orb allowing you to do a different thing – like allowing you to double jump once or letting you teleport.

The teleportation orb is very interesting – when you use it, it makes a frame around you. You must then hit the side of the frame and be teleported to the parallel part of the frame – a little like how the screen wraps around in Four Sided Fantasy. There are also some clever puzzles that revolve around bouncing on large toadstools, causing them to shoot each other and move in the opposite direction.

The magical forest of Last Day of the Woods is a joy to explore, with it’s creative puzzle design, charming pixel art animation and mystical, otherworldly atmosphere. A fun little fungi adventure!

Download Last Day of the Woods Here (Windows & Mac)