Last Days of Lazarus – Alpha Demo

Last Days of Lazarus is a Post-Soviet gothic horror adventure inspired by Eastern European folklore, where your reality falls apart as you return home following the death of your mother.

In Last Days of Lazarus you take on the role of a private detective who returns home following the death of his mother. You were too busy to make the funeral and were worried about your sister, but it appears that she’s coped with it very well. A little too well in fact – it seems that she may have been dabbling in dark arts and unleashed something truly horrifying in your mother’s old home. Meanwhile society starts to collapse outside as propaganda and distrust lead to war.

The Last Days of Lazarus takes about 25 minutes to play through and sees you arriving at your childhood home and making some horrifying discoveries as you search for your sister. There is one mid-section of gameplay in another location that seems very misplaced and makes little sense, but the stuff that happens in your family home is well executed and has some very freaky moments.

Some of the voicework could do with a little work (especially if the dev plans to sell it as an Eastern European story), but it’s a promising game with high quality visuals, grotesque monsters, an interesting setting and an intriguing (if a little convoluted) narrative. It certainly looks like Lazarus’ last few days are going to be pretty eventful!

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Last Days of Lazarus Alpha Demo Here (Steam)