Last Epoch – Pre-Alpha Demo

Last Epoch is a Diablo-esque loot filled dungeon crawling action RPG that sees you battling undead minions, monsters and Gods in a dark fantasy world.

In Last Epoch players explore the world of Eterra – a rich fantasy land that was lost to The Void long ago. However, it now seems that there is a way you can rescue your world from its dark fate as you battle through climactic moments in Eterra’s history. The full game will be playable with online multiplayer or single player and promises a full main campaign and an endless supply of endgame content – with legendary gear, boss runs, randomized dungeons, alternate timelines and new quest lines.

The current build offers a sizeable chunk of gameplay (including boss fights and an arena mode) and really impresses with its easily accessible Diablo-esque action RPG gameplay and vast amounts of loot. The full game will give you access to 10 different player classes (the current build features 2), ranging from Paladins to Necromancers, each with their own unique expensive skill trees and combat styles.

It’s an impressive game, with high quality visuals, fun action RPG combat, a lush fantasy game world, plenty of replayability and lots of lovely loot. The Kickstarter is due to launch on the 17th of April so keep an eye out for some good old fashioned dungeon crawling fun.

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