Last Moon – Beta Demo

Last Moon is a beautifully animated top-down action RPG that draws inspiration from 90’s classics as a Lunar Knight sets out to bring harmony back to the world.

In Last Moon you are a Lunar Knight who awakens/hatches from a crystal and sets out to save the moon and the world. The world has fallen into chaos after human greed triggered the destruction of the moon. It’s up to you to stop it. You’ll make your way through a ruined world filled with corrupt creatures, where you’ll solve puzzles, fight monsters, rescue NPCs to bring back to the home village, upgrade abilities and battle powerful bosses.

The Last Moon demo features a fairly short (20 minute) main campaign, but then afterwards it allows you to explore a much larger “experimental” in-development part of the world. The artwork and animation look fantastic and the gameplay feels like a cozy return to 90’s classics like Zelda and Secret of Mana. There are a nice amount of puzzles and secrets, and you can even summon another player to join you for a bit of co-op action. It’s shaping up to be a fantastic love-letter to classic action RPG adventures.

Check Out a Last Moon Gameplay Video Here

Download The Last Moon Beta Demo Here (Steam)

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