Last Night at Home – Game Jam Build

Last Night at Home is a freaky little first person horror game where you attempt to frantically patch up holes in your walls that are being made by a monster from another dimension.

In Last Night at Home you find yourself alone in you home when all of a sudden strange holes start appearing in your walls. They look weird, almost like the space inside them is warped, but they’re definitely not good and it seems like something is trying to get through…

After calling the cops you now have to try to survive until they arrive. You do this by grabbing pieces of furniture and sliding them in front of the holes that are being created. Now and again the breaker in your electric box may trip too, so you need to fix that. You’ll need to be quick too – the monster can break through and if it does it’s coming for you!

It’s fairly easy to win once you get the hang of it, but Last Night at Home impresses with its fun twist on the traditional first person monster horror genre. In most horror games you’re actively running and hiding from the monsters, but in Last Night at Home you’re actively searching for the areas it’s trying to get in. Will you keep your unwelcome visitor out?

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Last Night at Home Here (Windows)