Last Time I Saw You – Beta Demo

Last Time I Saw You is a beautiful hand animated narrative-driven coming of age adventure with dark supernatural elements, about a young Japanese boy, a mysterious girl and a curse.

In Last Time I Saw You you follow the story of a young Japanese boy called Ayumi who lives in Japan in the late 80’s. He has a happy life with caring friends and family, but he also has unsettling dreams and visions, often involving a mysterious girl.

The demo build of Last Time I Saw You features a sizeable chunk of gameplay, taking around 45 minutes to play through. It’s a very narrative-driven experience, which gives you a nice amount of freedom to explore your hometown, chat to the locals and meet up with friends. It’s a very pleasant place to explore, but things get a little sinister later on.

The demo ends just as things are getting really interesting, but even still Last Time I Saw You shows a lot of promise. The artwork is gorgeous, the characters are interesting and the 80’s Japanese setting is beautifully realised. It’s a real pleasure to explore Ayumi’s hometown and it really immerses you in the story.

Download The Last Time I Saw You Beta Demo Here (Steam)