Late for Love – Game Jam Build

Late for Love, a narrative driven driving dating game made for the Ludum Dare 41, has you trying to reconnect with old friend as you drive to their wedding.

A childhood friend of yours is getting married today. You’ve reconnected after a long time apart and now are driving her off to her wedding. It has been ages since you both last connected – you spent too long catching up and are now late for the wedding. Rushing across town to get to the wedding on time, you need to dodge cars and be careful to not crash. Crashing your car on your friend’s big wedding day will cause you to lose the game – though you can restart at the last big moment in your conversation.

Conversation is the other half of this game. While you are driving around, there’s a text box in the middle of the screen. Your friend talks from time to time, her words appearing in the box. You should follow along with the conversation, as sometimes you will need to respond. If you pick a good response, your heart bar with her will go up. It is clear you used to have a relationship that was more than friendship, but things have very much changed since then.

Late for Love is a really charming mix of two different genres, providing a driving challenge and an interesting narrative along with it. Having to split your focus between conversations and driving is a very challenging task, especially at the speed that your car is moving at. Is it too late for love?

Play Late for Love Here (Browser)