Late Last Nite – Game Jam Build Download

Late Last Nite

Late Last Nite, a point and click made for the adventure jam, takes you on a hilarious quest to find some missing items after a night out.

Morgan, a girl who enjoys a bit too much drinking, has lost all of her possessions. Missing a lighter, a wallet, and her cellphone, she is relying on you to figure out exactly where they have gone. You must explore three strange places, in hopes to figure out what has become of her things.

The first place that you look is underwater – where you become a mermaid. Your cellphone is clearly visible in a clam, though there is no way to get out it. You must talk with the others around you, a mer-eel and a pirate – to figure out how to get your phone back. Watch out what you touch, as it is easy to get transported to another world!

A 3D vampire nightclub is another place that you have lost an item – your lighter. Your wallet seems to be missing in a place full of food, complete with a bacon tree and frozen pizza plants.

As you explore the strange lands and talk to bizarre creatures, you’ll hopefully figure out how to get your stuff back!

Download Late Last Nite HERE (Windows & Mac)