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Lavender, a cleverly crafted game made for the Pixel Horror Jam that offers a new twist on a classic fairy tale, in which you attempting to solve devious puzzles to get to the bottom of the tower that your ‘mother’ keeps you in.

Lavender puts you in the place of a new version of Rapunzel-esque heroine called Lavender. You start off listening to a story about a pregnant woman who mistakenly eats from a witches garden and is asked to give up her child. You have some questions by the end of the story, but your mother doesn’t have time to tell you more now. But, enough about that story anyway – it’s your birthday after all!

For your birthday and you’ve received a beautiful comb from your mother. Right after giving you your present, your mother has to go out for the evening, but will be back for lunch. You want to try your comb while looking outside the window as it’s a beautiful day. However, you’re a bit careless and drop it out the window – surely your mother will be mad! So you must go on a quest to get out of the tower and collect the comb. Each level of the tower has a different puzzle for you to complete to unlock the door. By the exit door of each floor, you are able to view a book giving you a hint about the level. Some puzzles have additional books or objects around the room to give you more information. These puzzles are all quite different and very challenging. You will have to solve all of them to get to your comb.

Lavender challenges the player with lots of deviously designed puzzles, but also impresses with its brilliant pixel graphics and new twist of a classic fairy tale. There is a ‘happy ending’ to this little fairy tale, but there’s also a much darker secret ending that will show you what’s really going on in this tower. A charming, challenging and surprisingly creepy little adventure well worth checking out.

Note: Each room in Lavender has a strange pink hair hidden in it. Collect them all to unlock the secret ending!  There are also lots of awesome secrets in a bonus room that can be found int he ‘Extras’ section of the main menu screen by typing the word ‘Present’.

Stuck? Check Out a Full Walkthrough Here

Download Lavender Here (Windows)

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