Layer Lady – Game Jam Build Download

Layer Lady is a very tough retro platformer which you control multiple characters simultaneously on an ever increasing number of Game Boys!

In each level of Layer Lady your goal is simple – collect coins and make it to the goal. However, each time you make it to the goal of the level (a Game Boy icon), then another Game Boy will pop up and you’ll have to control the character on there as well. It’s okay if previous incarnations of your character die, but if the most recent one dies then it’s game over.

There are 25 individual levels in Layer Lady, so making it to the end with all of them still alive is near impossible, but the more of them you keep alive the more coins they’ll collect as you play and the higher your score will be at the end. Getting to the end will be pretty tough though as the bite-sized levels get pretty tricky later on.

It’s an inventive little game that tests your timing and your multitasking skills to the limits. A fun multi-screen precision platformer with plenty of character(s).

Download Layer Lady Here (Windows)