Lazaret – Alpha Demo

Lazaret is a tense and atmospheric first person horror adventure set aboard a mysterious ship that disappeared for four years.

In Lazaret you are part of a rescue team that’s been sent to investigate a distress signal coming from a large ship that disappeared four years ago. The rescue operation went awry and now you find yourself stranded alone on the ship. Or rather, alone other than all the freaky stone statues that seem to populate the ship!

The gameplay in Lazaret features a blend of exploration, puzzles and horror. The majority of the scares are scripted, but they’re very effective and the game does a great job of building a tense and foreboding atmosphere. The level of detail in the environment is very impressive and the way the ships sways with the ocean is very effective – so much so that you might find yourself getting seasick!

Check Out a Lazaret Gameplay Video Here

Download The Lazaret Alpha Demo Here (Steam)