Lazer Cops – Alpha Demo


Lazer Cops is a super cool neon-filled local multiplayer (or single player if you’re co-ordinated enough) side scrolling bullet hell combat game in which you use a tether that links the players cars to destroy the waves of enemies and hunt down criminals.

Teamwork is key in Lazer Cops, not only do you need to co-ordinate the positioning of the tether to destroy enemies, but also each car is invincible to a different color of bullet. This means that during the more intense bullet hell sections, players can shield other players from the incoming barrage of bullets (if they’re the correct color).

It’s still early in development, but Lazer Cops certainly shows promise with its innovative co-op focused gameplay and eye melting neon visuals. Well worth checking out for some super cool co-op cop car combat.

Download the Lazer Cops Alpha Demo Here (Windows)