Lazr – Alpha Demo

Lazr is a slick and stylish cyberpunk action platformer with challenging gameplay, high quality pixel art visuals and some very cool climbable cloth physics.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer a few months ago when it was a single level tech demo, Lazr is a fast paced action platformer with a lot of verticality as you fight and climb your way through a dystopian cyberpunk world. You take on the role of an augmented human with the ability to dash through the air and shoot lasers out of her eyes. You can also collect a cute little holographic dog, which doesn’t really aid you in any way, but it’s adorable and you can play fetch with it!

The current build of Lazr features five story mission levels and five challenge levels, all of which are pretty challenging and can take some real skill and perseverance to beat. Levels are large and have no checkpoints, so if you die (which you will) then you go right back to the start. You can counter this difficulty a little by altering the loadout of your mods to suit the type of level you’re playing (some levels focus on agility while others are far more combat focused).

Lazr is a very challenging game and even with the customizable loadouts some levels (especially level 3) may cause many a rage quit. However, it you’re up for a challenge then there’s a lot to like about Lazr – the character controls feel great, the pixel art animation is fantastic and the cyberpunk world is very interesting. The only downside with the current demo is that (aside from the first level) it doesn’t really show off it’s wonderful choth physics very well. Hopefully they’ll be able to squeeze in more cloth climbing levels in future builds!

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Lazr Alpha Demo Here (Windows)