Lazr – Tech Demo

Lazr is a stylish pixel art action platformer where you fight and climb through a neon-filled cyberpunk world with some very satisfying cloth physics.

In Lazr you are a badass android that can shoot lasers from its eyes and dash through the air. The current build contains a single level and sees you attempting to climb up to a guarded “Humancorp” tower. You can complete the level in a matter of minutes, but it gives you a good taste of the game world, your abilities and the game’s fantastic cloth physics…

Cloth physics may sound like an odd thing to get excited about, but when you see them in motion in Lazr then it’s quite a spectacular sight. To make your way to the top of the tower you need to clamber up various pieces of netting that move and sway with your momentum. The netting is also fully destructible, with explosions and your laser beam eyes able to tear them to shreds (which can make climbing them a little harder).

Lazr has a Kickstarter campaign starting in the next 30 days which will come with an 8 level demo so it’ll be great to see those cloth physics in action in some more scenarios. It’s a fun game, with fast paced gameplay and a unique gameplay element that has a lot of potential. Well worth keeping a (laser-beam) eye on!

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Lazr Tech Demo Here (Windows)