Le Prarion, Chamonix, France – Beta Download

Le Prarion, Chamonix, France is a visually stunning near-photorealistic first person photography game where you explore, take pictures and discover secrets in a near-photorealistic recreation of the Le Prarion mountain in France.

Another part of caves rd’s excellent Lushfoil Photography Sim series (which includes Yamadera, Lago di Braies, Castle Rock Beach, Mýrdalssandur, Fushimi Inari Taisha and Wakamarina Valley), Le Prarion, Chamonix, France allows you to explore a beautifully recreated version of the Le Prarion mountain area, at the foot of Mont Blanc in the French Alps. As with the other experiences in the series, you can either just wander around and enjoy the beautiful scenery or you can search for secrets and complete objectives to unlock new areas/times and fun toys. Chief of these are the specific photos that you need to try and recreate by visiting certain locations and shooting from the right angle.

As with the rest of the rest of the Lushfoil Photography Sim series, it’s a remarkable experience that really makes you feel like you’ve visited the location. It looks incredible and the recreation of the area is very faithful. It’s especially fun to play with some of the toys once you unlock them. Highly recommended.

The Lushfoil Photography Sim Will Be Coming to Steam This Year

Download The Le Prarion, Chamonix, France Beta Here (Windows)