Leaden Sky – Tech Demo

Leaden Sky is a ridiculously brutal, gore-filled side scrolling run n’ gun shooter with weapons that can rip enemy soldiers to pieces and mash them into a bloody pulp.

The level of gore in Leaden Sky is enough to make Sub Zero and pals squeamish. The gameplay is very basic at the moment, with a single level where you run from left to right gunning down the enemy and a ‘gore test’ level where you can play around with your weaponry. The gore mechanics are very impressive (and very repulsive), with you able to precisely aim at certain parts of the enemy soldiers to dismember them (or you can just rapidly fire a shotgun at them to turn them into a bloody puddle and some quivering chunks of flesh.

The level of brutality in Leaden Sky can be a little horrifying, but there is something oddly mesmerising about watching the damage the high calibre weaponry does to a soft human body. It’s like an interactive version of the last 15 minutes of the 2008 Rambo movie – you feel a little bad for being entertained by it, but it’s fascinating to see in action as limbs go flying and the blood splatters everywhere.

It’s still very early in development so the gameplay is very shallow at the moment, but Leaden Sky is certainly worth keeping an eye on. If it can back up the gore mechanics with some more complex level design and some more varied gameplay then it could be well worth pulling the trigger on. Even in its current state though its a horrifyingly entertaining run n’ gun bloodbath.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Leaden Sky Tech Demo Here (Windows)