League Of Angels 2 – Open Beta

League of Angels 2 beta

League of Angels 2 is a follow up to the original popular turn based tactical MMORPG in which players battle monsters, collect loot and rescue voluptuous angels from the forces of evil.

The original League of Angels had a great art style and interesting strategic gameplay, but left a lot of players cold with it’s over-reliance real cash purchases and a mind numbing auto-battle system.  Hopefully League of Angels 2 addresses these issues as the new 3D engine looks great (though don’t get too excited, the GIF above is from a cinematic trailer), and the devs promise an epic story that spans 3 warring factions of angels, a new progression system and lots of strategic depth.  So will it be heavenly or just plain hellish?  Only one way to find out!

Join In The League of Angels 2 Open Beta Here

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  1. Eh. Same auto-combat, just with an additional cookie clicker element. (Click on the icon once it fills) It also still has the auto-questing/movement. Auto everything!

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