Legbreaker – Game Jam Build Download

Legbreaker is a wonderfully twisted little puzzle platforming adventure where you are an unwilling test subject in an experiment where every time you jump you break a leg!

In Legbreaker you take on the role of a un unwilling, captive test subject who is carrying out a trial for a new serum which, when injected into your quadriceps, vastly boosts your muscle power and allows you to jump high into the air. There is however one small (and painful) drawback to the serum though – every time you jump one of your legs breaks This effectively means that you can only jump twice per level until you are left helplessly crawling along the floor!

It takes around 20-30 minutes to play through Legbreaker and it’s a great little platformign adventure with excellent pixel art animation, a very macabre premise and some very cleverly crafted levels. You normally take the jump button for granted in platformers, but in Legbreaker you’re forced to plan your jumps carefully and use them only when needed. Highly recommended.

Note: You may encounter a bug that crashes the game right at the end. If this happens you can see the ending here.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Legbreaker Here (Windows & Mac)