Legend Maker – Alpha Demo

Legend Maker

Legend Maker is essentially Mario Maker for classic Legend of Zelda-style dungeon crawling action RPGs, with you able to easily build, play and share your own adventures in a matter of minutes.

The Alpha Demo offers up a small sample of what’s planned in the full game, and doesn’t contain a tutorial yet, but once you get to grips with it, it’s remarkably easy to create your own epic dungeon crawling quests within just a few minutes. All you need to do is hold Shift and press the left mouse button to expand the dungeon, then select from the variety of object, scenery, enemy and item tiles to populate it. The tiles are limited to the basics at the moment, but judging by the Kickstarter page, there’s a LOT more planned!

Once you’ve created your dungeon, you can then switch back to player mode and give it a run through, battling any enemies you’ve placed and collecting any weapons and loot you’ve hidden as you attempt to make it to the end of your dungeon. It’s already a fun game, but as in Mario Maker, we suspect where it will really come into its own is when the sharing aspects come into play, as players attempt to beat each other’s deviously designed dungeons and uncover their secrets. We really look forward to seeing more of Legend Maker’s easily accessible dungeon building – the RPG where you create the legends.

Note: Placing doors can be a little tricky to figure out, you essentially have to build a small tunnel then overlay the door on top of it. Also, weapons and items have to be placed in chests (they cant just be placed on the ground).

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