Legend Of Basement – Game Jam Build Download

Legend of the basement

Legend of Basement, a charming dungeon crawler made for the GBJam 4, has you exploring a strange maze hidden behind a crack in your basement as you search for your missing cat!

Your cat, Navi, has ran into the basement. She found a crack in the wall and seems to have gone into it to explore. You decide to go in after her, but to your surprise, you find a maze behind your wall! This maze is filled with many secrets and many monsters.

There are lots of different routes and 10 different endings in Legend of Basement. You can just walk in, grab your cat and walk out again, or you can go on an epic adventure, finding chests, weapons and items, taking to NPCs and battling deadly monsters. You must also keep an eye on your flashlight battery – if your light goes out more sinister monsters can appear in the darkness that will consume you.

Other strange things can also be found in the maze – such as lightstones, switches, locked doors, and dead people. You must continue exploring the ever-changing maze to find your lost cat. With ten possible endings, what outcome will you get?

Download Legend of Basement HERE (Win, Mac & Linux)