Legends of Aria – Open Beta

Legends of Aria is an Ultima Online inspired sandbox MMORPG with a vast non-instanced persistent game world and full support for community servers and modding.

Aiming to deliver a true sandbox MMORPG experience, Legends of Aria promises a living and breathing open world where thousands of players can explore, build and shape it as they play. You’ll have complete freedom to carve out your own life in the world, with a true skill based system that allows you to build your character your way, allowing them to master over 32 unique skills. You can be a treasure hunter, fisherman, a merchant, an adventurer and much more as you carve out your own story in it’s rich fantasy world.

The Legends of Aria Beta will be live over this weekend between the 23rd of November and the 26th November. It’s an Open Beta, but you’ll have to sign up and create an account to join in. Sign up now to leave your mark in this rich fantasy world!

Sign Up For The Legends of Aria Beta Here