Legends of Pixelia – Early Access Key Giveaway (Steam)

legends of pixelia

Legends of Pixelia is an awesome retro roguelike-like RPG that we first covered back in February, reminiscent of The Binding of Isaac but with more strategic combat, multiplayer and persistent upgrades.

This is no brainless hack and slash dungeon crawler.   Enemies are tough, and as in Dark Souls – even the smallest minion can kill you if you take your eye off the ball.  You have a melee attack, special attacks and a shield at your disposal, each their own cooldown periods, you must use them wisely and time your attacks well to survive in these dungeons.

Although Legends of Pixelia is a procedurally generated dungeon crawler, it’s not a true roguelike.  As in Rogue Legacy, upgrades, equipment, and unlocks are permanent, giving you a nice sense of progression, even if you’ve just had your pixelated head caved in by a mighty boss.  It’s a fun and challenging game that brings a welcome slice of tactical combat to the action RPG genre.

We have 20 Steam Early Access Keys for Legends of Pixelia to giveaway! We’ll be giving them out via out Official Facebook page HERE

Missed Out on The Giveaway? You Can Purchase Legends of Pixelia HERE (Win, Mac & Linux)

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