LEGO Tower – Open Beta (iOS & Android)

LEGO Tower takes the highly addictive casual tower building/business simulation gameplay of Tiny Tower and gives it a LEGO makeover, allowing you to build the LEGO tower of your dreams and populate it with lots of LEGO Minifigures.

Currently in development by NimbleBit (creators of the Tiny Tower series), LEGO Tower follows the same template as Tiny Tower, but allows players to build everything out of LEGO! You’ll be able to construct massive tower blocks and kit them out with apartments and a wide range of businesses for your minifigure residents to work, play and rest in. As you progress and build your tower ever higher you’ll be able to collect hundreds of unique LEGO minifigures and even some hidden characters.

It is pretty much a reskin of Tiny Tower 2, but it is a fun one, especially if you’re a fan of LEGO. The visuals are a particular highlight, with the various building blocks and minifigs looking just like the real thing. Join the Beta now to start building your not-so-tiny tower!

Join In The LEGO Tower Open Beta Here (iOS & Android)