Legrand Legacy – Pre-Alpha Demo (Steam)


Legrand Legacy is a very impressive tactical turn based RPG adventure that blends 3D character models, beautiful hand drawn backgrounds and classic JRPG combat to create an experience that feels a lot like the Final Fantasy games of old.

In Legrand Legacy you start off as a slave who must fight to the death in gladiatorial combat for the entertainment of others. After a particularly eventful fight you are bought by a mysterious stranger who shows you kindness and requires your skills to fulfil his quest. What follows in the Pre-Alpha Demo shows great promise in being an epic RPG adventure that’s fondly reminiscent of the classic JRPGs it draws inspiration from.

Legrand Legacy features an easily accessible team-based turn based combat system, akin to the Final Fantasy series, but infuses a QTE-element that influences how successful your actions are, adding a nice touch of action to the proceedings. On your quest you’ll recruit team members, complete interesting side quests, battle a wide variety of monsters and collect lots of cool loot.

Legrand Legacy is still early in development, but it shows great promise and feels very much like a classic Final Fantasy game with modern day production values. Well worth checking out if you’ve got a hankering for some old school JRPG adventuring.

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Download The Legrand Legacy Pre-Alpha Demo Here (Steam)