Legs – Game Jam Build Download

Legs is a fun and surprisingly tricky little QWOP-like 2D platformer where you control a set of legs as they take a stroll along the beach, avoiding crabs and sea urchins, as you make your way to the sea.

In Legs you control a set of disembodied legs that want to go for a swim in the sea. However, your movement is a little wonky and you have to avoid letting your delicate feet come into contact with sea urchins or crabs along the way.

Your legs are controlled with the WASD keys, with you alternating between controlling each leg as each one hits the ground. Your feet can stick to vertical surfaces, but they are quite delicate so you have to keep them away from sharp objects.

Taking around 10 minutes to play through, Legs is a fun little game with charming hand drawn visuals, a unique control scheme and a delightfully quirky premise. A playful little game that gets surprisingly challenging later on. A walk along the beach well worth taking.

Download or Play Legs Here (Windows, Mac, Linux & Browser)