LEGS – Student Project Game

LEGS is a hilarious first person adventure in which God chats to you as you search for your purpose in life and discover the many things God has created – including ‘stairs’, which he has a particular fondness for!

In LEGS you take control of a being (named ‘Not God’) that has been brought into existence by God. You have no arms and no mouth, but you do have legs, which will come in handy for exploring the bizarre world God has created. Your aim is to climb a distant mountain where you will discover your purpose in life, but to get there you’ll have to navigate a quirky low poly world that’s filled with God’s creations.

It seems that God hasn’t quite managed to get to grips with his powers of creation yet and has just decided to stick to crating things he’s good at, such as bridges, doors, tables and his favorite creation – stairs. Indeed, God is so fond of stairs that he’s created many different types (such as wall stairs or golden stairs) and none of his other creations quite measure up in his eyes.

Taking around 30 minutes to play through, LEGS is a very funny little adventure with excellent voice work and a fantastic sense of humor. As bad as he is at creating things, it’s hard not to admire God as he takes delight in showing you all his creations (particularly the stairs). He may not be the most competent godly being, but he certainly is happy at his job!

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

UPDATE: Download currently unavailable, please check back later.

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