Lemma – Alpha Download

lemma 2

We first featured Lemma back in September last year, but this free form first-person parkour game has come along leaps and bounds since then (excuse the pun).

You play Physics grad student Joan Emerson who has uncovered the mysterious voxel based world of Lemma, full of strange floating landscapes and surfaces that react to your presence.  The movement of your character should feel familiar to anyone who’s played Mirrors Edge, but without the crappy combat mechanics.  It also features a wonderfully innovative system where you create surfaces as you move through the space, using the ordinary movement mechanics of the game.  This allows you to extend a wall just by running off the edge of it, build bridges, create platforms or smash through obstructions.

There is also the presence of some particularly nasty red blocks, probably the most evil and menacing red blocks witnessed in a video game.  Deadly to the touch, creating impassable areas and even actively trying to kill you as large columns target you as they fall.  There are also some pretty nasty, but also occasionally handy turrets that fire deadly explosive rounds that blast through structures which are normally indestructible to you.

The Alpha Demo starts off quite slowly, with a lengthy tutorial, but once you’ve mastered the techniques it’s great fun.  There’s also a Sandbox mode which allows you to mess around till your heart’s content.

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Download the Alpha Demo HERE (Win Only)