Lemmus Lemmus – Game Jam Build

Lemmus Lemmus

Lemmus Lemmus is a bizarre, little puzzle game built for the MADJAM 2016: Global Game Jam where you must appease a monster by commanding a group of villagers to perform various feats of human acrobatics.

In Lemmus Lemmus, you’ll control various villagers of different sizes, stacking them up to match the drawing provided by the monstrous mountain beast. You only have until the end of the night to satisfy the beast’s whims. There are a total of seven different puzzles for you to tackle, with each human pyramid getting progressively more complex as the levels advance. There is an argument to be made that the physics of Lemmus Lemmus are a bit too touchy, where a small tap from a mistimed jump can send villagers toppling down to the ground, but the slippery feel to stacking is not an insurmountable obstacle. That being said, it can be hard to tell where the villagers’ bodies and hit-boxes are in relation to one another. A small redesign to the characters, rendering them more blocky or square, would have likely provided a better visual cue for stacking.

Being a game jam game, Lemmus Lemmus has a bit of a student-project feel to its visuals. The lighting is flat, the textures are wonkier than the original Sims, and the animation is basic. Still, there is a certain charm to the game, perhaps in part due to the excellent sound and music implementation. With some squeaking gremlin sound effects and expertly timed musical stings, Lemmus Lemmus manages to overcome its rather lacklustre art. If you are looking for some head-scratching puzzles and a cute concept, you won’t be disappointed with Lemmus Lemmus.

Note: You’ll need to solve a simple puzzle using both the small and large villagers on the main menu to advance to the actual game.

Play Or Download Lemmus Lemmus Here