Lenin The Lion – Beta Demo

Lenin The Lion is a thought provoking narrative based adventure that deals with themes of bullying, persecution and depression as you play an albino lion who’s not even accepted by his own mother.

The current build of Lenin The Lion serves up a sizeable chunk of gameplay, taking around two hours to playthrough. It tells the tale of Lenin, an albino lion who is different from all the other lions in his village, and as such is unfairly persecuted by nearly everyone he knows. He’s bullied at school, barely anyone talks to him and even his mother can’t bring herself to show him any affection.

Life is tough for Lenin, but he as a special way of dealing with his problems – he can travel to a strange place where his inner fears and worries are manifested in physical form, where he can then figure out how to overcome them, learning life lessons along the way. On your adventure you’ll meet different species, strange characters and powerful monsters, encountering puzzles that are often solved through conversation.

Lenin The Lion is fondly reminiscent of Undertale in many ways, but not derivative of it – it has its own story to tell and tells it very well. It’s a beautifully crafted game that tackles real world problems in an intelligent and heartfelt way. A well crafted journey of self acceptance where the demons you battle are your own.

Download Lenin The Lion Beta Demo Here (Windows)