Lens – Game Jam Build

Lens is a very clever little puzzler set within a faux Windows XP desktop environment where you can cause applications to interact with each other through the use of a special “Lens” app.

The aim of Lens is to collect three keys to turn on your router and allow access to your NetScrape Navigator program. You’re given a few cryptic clues about the keys locations via text files in your Documents folder, but getting these keys will require some thinking outside of the box.

The keys are located somewhere within the confines of the game’s seven apps – an archery app which fires an arrow to the right, a fan app which blows everything upwards, a shadow app which contains a small controllable character, a target app which contains an archery target, a lens test app and a lens app. The lens app can be used to bridge the gap between the various different apps, allowing them to interact with each other in different ways and get those keys.

It’s a very inventive little game that forces you to think creatively as you experiment with the different properties the apps have and how they can interact with each other. Far more fun than a real Windows XP desktop! Highly recommended.

Note: If you get stuck there are hints in the “Downloads” folder which will help.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Lens Here (Windows)